Manufacturer of innovative equipment for pools

CCEI was established in 1973 and has ever since designed and produced electrical equipment for both private and public pools. Our company started out by simply manufacturing electrical panels and from these humble beginnings grew a larger company focusing on a worldwide reach for automation systems, pool lighting and salt chlorinators. Thus, we offer our customers a complete line of underwater LED lights or even salt chlorine generators to ensure optimal water treatment.

For over 40-years, we’ve gained substantive expertise in the pool environment. Our knowledgeable staff strives daily to put forward new ideas to improve the company and bring to pool owners technologically advanced pool equipment.

Innovation is in our DNA. We constantly design new products (electrical induction, multifunctional devices, etc) to make pools safer and easier to maintain to take the worry out of pool ownership.

CCEI’s headquarters are based in Marseille (France) and we are established in 4 other countries across the globe with 4 subsidiaries (in Canada, Spain, Morocco and Rumania) aiming to develop a close relationship with our customers.

Our product lines: :

We offer several references among the different product lines listed down below. Within long term partnerships, we can also manufacture customised devices based on our customers´ specifications.

Our partners:

Through time we’ve built strong commercial relationships with pool builders, equipment suppliers but also with important distributors of the pool market.