CCEI Worldwide

In 1995 CCEI started exporting to neighbouring countries such as Italy or Spain and later on to other areas such as Scandinavia, Eastern and  Northern Europe). Currently, devices manufactured by CCEI are exported to more than 50 countries worldwide: Europe, Africa or North America, etc.

International subsidiaries:

Over time CCEI has established different subsidiaries across the world in strategic countries for its growth. Since 2004 has a branch in Rumania (Timisoara) with a 15000m2 manufacturing plant and a business unit intended to develop exports to Eastern Europe.

CCEI exports its products to Morocco since a decade and decided to create a local branch in 2013 to provide customized services to our clients. CCEI Africa offers its customers technical and commercial training along with customized products adapted to the Moroccan market. Our African branch is aimed to develop our company’s presence in other countries on the continent such as Senegal, South Africa, Egypt, etc.

CCEI Inc, the company’s North American subsidiary was established in Montreal in 2014. CCEI Inc is in charge of creating innovative solutions for pool owners in Canada and the U.S while respecting specific requirements of the market (standards, certifications, etc). The Canadian branch manufactures locally what they market and has already sold more
than 1000 Plug in Pool systems. The commercial team is present at all the major events of the industry in North America (Niagara Falls, Orlando, Las Vegas, Atlantic City, etc.)

After having a hard time, the Spanish swimming pool market is on its way to recovery and shows growth since 2014. Thus, CCEI recently established a business unit in Madrid for commercial prospecting and the follow up of our Spanish partners.

In 2018, CCEI opens a new subsidiary in USA, at Inglewood (CA). This new company (CCEI USA) is in charge to intensify the spread of CCEI on north american market.