Innovation is in our DNA

Our engineering team works hard to create innovative solutions meeting our clients’ expectations. On the other hand, every single member of our commercial staff contributes with new ideas based on their field experience to make sure our new products perfectly match ergonomic needs of the market.

In recent years we’ve patented several innovative solutions such as LED lighting control through power outage, a colour changing chlorinator based on water temperature and salinity or even an underwater induction socket. Some of our devices have recently been awarded by the pool industry professionals for its innovation such as our salt chlorine generator Zelia (Top 100 innovation trophy in 2014).

Always improving:

Besides creating new products, every year we review and improve our current devices by adding cutting edge technology making them more reliable, cheaper and more efficient. In 2016 we created a brand new corrosive free heat dissipation system for all our LED lightings. This new manufacturing process allowed us to enhance our pool lighting lifetime while offering better light intensity (and lower power consumption).

A strong and versatile team:

Historically, our company was specialised in electricity. In order to maintain CCEI’s growth rate, different high skilled profiles of the industry joined our R&D team bringing with them new expertise in electronics, mechanics, electrochemistry or design. Our R&D team is then composed of:

  • Engineers with more than 15 years of experience in the pool industry
  • Programmers (Bluetooth, iOS, Android)
  • Industrial Designers