Our Products:

3 product lines:

Power Control :

Swimming pool automation is the original trade of CCEI. For more than 40 years, we have been producing electrical boxes to automate and facilitate the management of the
swimming pool.

Our experience in this field allows us to offer complete units, combining a large number of functionalities in a single box: filtration management, power supply and control of
LED lighting, level control, heating, frost protection, etc.

Control all pool features and functions from your smart phone with our Wifi app. User friendly, it will also help you reduce your electricity bill by planning and remotely controlling filtration, heating, lighting and much more.

Led lighting:

Since 2005, we have decided to use LED technology to make lights suitable for pools. In order for our products to best match your installation, CCEI has developed a range that can be adapted to different types of installations: fiberglass, liner, concrete and others.

Each year, we focus our research on innovation. Thus, we regularly offer new products to improve the luminous efficiency of our lights and their durability. Discover our new heat dissipation system for a very high luminous efficiency.

The new energy saving standards for swimming pools emphasizes the control of energy consumption and the lifetime of lights. To be in line with these new standards, we are continually working to improve the luminous efficiency of our lights and their lifespan in order to offer you a sustainable product.

Water treatment:

Since 2000, we have been offering a range of innovative devices for swimming pools water treatment: salt electrolysers, pH regulators, combined devices, etc. Discover our compact and luminous LED electrolysis cell in which the color varies according to the temperature and the salinity of the water. Combine our pH and ORP regulators with your electrical box to ensure efficient treatment of your pool.

Year to year, we use our extensive experience in the pool industry to bring to the market innovative devices. We develop all our products with one goal: to offer an efficient water treatment with the minimum amount of chemicals.